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Big Picture / Vision / Connection

1. China, India and the Dynamics of Global Leadership in the 21st Century

2. Is The US Finished as Superpower ???

3. The 21st Century World Economy

4. Iraq / Iran / Israel / Palestine:
Is the Middle East An Unsolvable Mess ???

5. Surfing the Symbolic Tsunami:
Life in the Global Media Society

For 21st Century Professionals


Advancement / Skills / Networking

1. Critical Thinking for Creative Leadership

2. Business Communication
  • Email
  • Presentations
  • Meetings
  • Listening
  • Difficult Situations

3. Strategic Forecasting

4. MediAnalysis

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Part I Introduction - The Global Media Society and the Nature of Theory

Lecture 1
The Global Media Society and the Nature of Theory

Lecture 2
A Brief History of Western Philosophy: From Socrates to Hegel

Part II The Nature of Theory: Marx and E.H. Carr

Lecture 3
Marxism: The Ultimate Example of Theory as Answer

Lecture 4
Marxism as Theory and Prediction

Lecture 5
Marxism and Theory as Answer: An Epistemological Critique

Lecture 6
E.H. Carr and The 20 Years' Crisis: A Structural Analysis

Lecture 7
A Structural Analysis of The Twenty Years' Crisis and The Dynamics of Theory as Question

Part III Society and Objectivity: Claude Levi-Strauss and Max Weber

Lecture 8
Claude Levi-Strauss, Structural Anthropology, and The Savage Mind

Lecture 9
The Dynamics of Mythical Thinking: Bricolage, Classification and Transformation

Lecture 10
The Interlinked Dynamics of Mythical Thinking and Political Thinking: The Post-World War II US Experience

Lecture 11
Cognitive, Normative and Emotional Aspects of Myth and Post-1945 American Political Thinking

Lecture 12
Dominant Myths and the Production of Media

Lecture 13
Dominant Myths and the Consumption of Media Media and the Consumption of Dominant Myths

Lecture 14
Max Weber, Verstehende Sociology and A Democratic Theory of Objectivity

Lecture 15
The "Objective" Analysis of Action, Thought and Concrete Situations

Part IV Consciousness and Communication: Freud and Kenneth Burke

Lecture 16
Freud, Dream Analysis and "The Fundamental Question"

Lecture 17
"The Fundamental Dilemma," Dream Analysis and Medianalysis : Interpreting the "Dreams of the World"

Lecture 18
Kenneth Burke and the Structural Dynamics of Communication and Language

Lecture 19 3 CDs
Hierarchy, Image and The Structural Dynamics of Narrative and Story

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